1o weird facts about: xander


number one: his old minecraft name was xanprime. he regrets that name very, very much.

number two: when he loses in a videogame, he likes to sit on people.

number three: he screams often for no apperent reason.

number four: he started a BrawlHalla tournament

number five: when he doesn’t want to talk to somebody, he back away slowley. he does this to me often.

number six: sumber five is why i’m out of facts.

number seven: thanks for reading this, i guess.

Chandelure is OP.

The Pokemon Chandelure is extremely overpowered (OP). The card has a move called “cursed drop” wich lets you put four damage counters on any Pokemon you’d like. That’s an istant 400 damage, destroying any card that isn’t a strong GX/EX.

And if that isn’t enough to completely obliterate anything that stands in its path, the same card has a move called “Vortex of Pain” wich deals twenty damage for all the damage counters that are on all of your opponents Pokemon. not just the one you’re attacking, no, ALL of them so if you use cursed drop on two different Pokemon, and then use vortex of pain, you’d deal an extra 160 damage. So as all normal people would do, i built a deck out of them, Adding a few extra cards to boost it to maximum overpower-ness, such as: Aegislash wich has the move “Painful Sword” wich doubles the number of damage counters on each of the opponents Pokemon. Another card i added (wich also has a completely broken move) is 1995 Clefable. It is the move “Metronome” wich lets you choose one of the defending Pokemon and copy one of it’s moves without the energy cost or weaknesses. The reason why i said the 1995 version, is because modern Clefables don’t have this move. (obviously. It’s way too overpowered.) So basically what i’m saying is, if somebody that you’re battling has a deck of Chandelures, i wouldn’t bet too much on winning.


Ten weird facts about Olive

one: she likes to eat carrots and ketchup (ew)

two: she unironically likes to read tabloids

three: she chases xander randomly

four: she had a bowlcut untill she was five

five: she has a rabbit, and he is a jerk.

six: she owns 20 (or more) sweaters

seven: she has dyed her hair six times.

eight: she once was trying to go to sleep but it was so loud she put her fingers in her ears and “everything was gargled”
for about ten hours

nine: her bunny eat trash

ten: she freindzoned sombody at age eight.

10 weird facts about iphy

number one: iphy used to live on a farm with 100 chickens and 20 goats

number two: likes the cubs because Javier Baez “slides well” (?)

number three: likes CS:GO but doesn’t own it

number four: iphy has three dogs

number five: iphy did ballet

number six: she used to drive ATVs when she lived on a farm

number seven: she lives three blocks away from agile

numer eight: for a week iphy called people body parts. for example luca was leg.

number nine: she was born to all star (from Shrek)

number ten: she messes with my hair and it hurts

9 weird facts about Ashton!

number one: ash has dyed his hair six times in his lifetime!

number two: ash on most occasions will say “joe momma” on demand.

number three: bonk (ash requested i put this in)

number four: ash owns 15 porcelain clown dolls. “so technically there are sixteen clowns in my house.” -ash

number five: ash is so invested in garfeild, that one day he printed out 3 black and white garfield images to use as a mask.

number six: one day ash dressed up as a clown and sat in the bathroom with the lights off for a day.

number seven: once ash had a addiction to “flee the facility” on roblox.

number eight: one of ash’s current favorite songs is “my favorite fish” by gus dapperton

number nine: ash is making a collection of teeth over his lifetime. “and that’s a threat!” -mel

10 reasons why Luca is weird.

number one: he often says “Squidward donkey Franklin” on random occasions.

number two: he screams profanity every time he dies in “geometry dash”

number three: he makes raps about how he is richer then everyone and i am weird. (often cannot make it through the entire thing without laughing)

number four: he gets the same clean up job every year. (not really weird but i’m running out of facts)

number five: he often gets locked out of his apartment

number six: he finds “Peppa pig MLG” extremely funny.

number seven: he has absolutely no sense of humor

number eight: he has a very odd mustache

number nine: he has really weird hair

number ten: he used to wear the same shirt every day

first week, yay!

i can’t believe it’s the first week! when i got on the subway i said to myself: wow i haven’t been to agile in a long time! the summer was fun, i went to my grandparents house a lot. my dad ran a film camp where i edited! that was fun. i can’t wait to keep taking german class too! i played a lot of roblox, building games and coding and stuff. it was only a half week this week, but i still did a lot.


it’s so odd, i just got back here and it’s already about to be summer. it feels like yesterday that i just got here and i want the summer to come but also don’t. it’s weird. like on one hand i get to go to all these cool summer camps! and on the other i wont get to see my friends for three months. and my birthday is in summer, that’s cool i know people who have birthdays in winter and they get presents for “your birthday AND christmas” that’s just stupid. i like winter more than summer because in summer you can only take off a certain amount of clothes (unless you’re weird) but in winter you can put on as many clothes as you want. now to summer camps. i have so many in the summer i can’t even count them! film camp, steve and kate’s, go cart camp, ect. we are going to both our grandparents houses (me and oliver) for two weeks, that’s always fun! also they are moving our *ahem*                                                    

ULTIMATE HIDE AND SEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

game to central park. a true tragedy it just wont be the same. if you don’t know what

ULTIMATE HIDE AND SEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it’s a HUGE game of hide and seek that the whole school does. it’s a tradition. and we have to move it to central park instead of morningside park. we have done protests to no reply. it is definite. anyway, bye.

making nerf guns

i have made four nerf guns in the past. and i’m not talking modding them, but actually creating them from scratch. i don’t have any pictures but i will put some in my blog next week. anyway i have made 3 pistols and one big one. to make them you’ll need a PVC pipe and and two medium springs that are kinda loose. duct tape, a screw and nut, and some cardboard. if you want to know how to make it you should come to me. i assume most of the people reading this know me anyway, so you should know where to find me. the first one that i made (pistol one) was just an experiment at first then it became the second best of the four! and the second pistol? i have no idea what happened to it. the third one i made for a friend and he loved it. and the big gun. the best one. it has a fall down magazine inspired by a chinese crossbow as seen below 

it feeds the bullets (or on the crossbow, arrows) into the shooty zone. it is a masterpeice. the first time i tried to make a nerf gun i tried putting the spring on the inside of the gun and that made a whole bunch of problems. but now that i know how to make these things i’m going to try to do it again. we will see what happens but till then i still have outside-springers.