Chandelure is OP.

The Pokemon Chandelure is extremely overpowered (OP). The card has a move called “cursed drop” wich lets you put four damage counters on any Pokemon you’d like. That’s an istant 400 damage, destroying any card that isn’t a strong GX/EX.

And if that isn’t enough to completely obliterate anything that stands in its path, the same card has a move called “Vortex of Pain” wich deals twenty damage for all the damage counters that are on all of your opponents Pokemon. not just the one you’re attacking, no, ALL of them so if you use cursed drop on two different Pokemon, and then use vortex of pain, you’d deal an extra 160 damage. So as all normal people would do, i built a deck out of them, Adding a few extra cards to boost it to maximum overpower-ness, such as: Aegislash wich has the move “Painful Sword” wich doubles the number of damage counters on each of the opponents Pokemon. Another card i added (wich also has a completely broken move) is 1995 Clefable. It is the move “Metronome” wich lets you choose one of the defending Pokemon and copy one of it’s moves without the energy cost or weaknesses. The reason why i said the 1995 version, is because modern Clefables don’t have this move. (obviously. It’s way too overpowered.) So basically what i’m saying is, if somebody that you’re battling has a deck of Chandelures, i wouldn’t bet too much on winning.


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