9 weird facts about Ashton!

number one: ash has dyed his hair six times in his lifetime!

number two: ash on most occasions will say “joe momma” on demand.

number three: bonk (ash requested i put this in)

number four: ash owns 15 porcelain clown dolls. “so technically there are sixteen clowns in my house.” -ash

number five: ash is so invested in garfeild, that one day he printed out 3 black and white garfield images to use as a mask.

number six: one day ash dressed up as a clown and sat in the bathroom with the lights off for a day.

number seven: once ash had a addiction to “flee the facility” on roblox.

number eight: one of ash’s current favorite songs is “my favorite fish” by gus dapperton

number nine: ash is making a collection of teeth over his lifetime. “and that’s a threat!” -mel

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