it’s so odd, i just got back here and it’s already about to be summer. it feels like yesterday that i just got here and i want the summer to come but also don’t. it’s weird. like on one hand i get to go to all these cool summer camps! and on the other i wont get to see my friends for three months. and my birthday is in summer, that’s cool i know people who have birthdays in winter and they get presents for “your birthday AND christmas” that’s just stupid. i like winter more than summer because in summer you can only take off a certain amount of clothes (unless you’re weird) but in winter you can put on as many clothes as you want. now to summer camps. i have so many in the summer i can’t even count them! film camp, steve and kate’s, go cart camp, ect. we are going to both our grandparents houses (me and oliver) for two weeks, that’s always fun! also they are moving our *ahem*                                                    

ULTIMATE HIDE AND SEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

game to central park. a true tragedy it just wont be the same. if you don’t know what

ULTIMATE HIDE AND SEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

is it’s a HUGE game of hide and seek that the whole school does. it’s a tradition. and we have to move it to central park instead of morningside park. we have done protests to no reply. it is definite. anyway, bye.

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