making nerf guns

i have made four nerf guns in the past. and i’m not talking modding them, but actually creating them from scratch. i don’t have any pictures but i will put some in my blog next week. anyway i have made 3 pistols and one big one. to make them you’ll need a PVC pipe and and two medium springs that are kinda loose. duct tape, a screw and nut, and some cardboard. if you want to know how to make it you should come to me. i assume most of the people reading this know me anyway, so you should know where to find me. the first one that i made (pistol one) was just an experiment at first then it became the second best of the four! and the second pistol? i have no idea what happened to it. the third one i made for a friend and he loved it. and the big gun. the best one. it has a fall down magazine inspired by a chinese crossbow as seen below¬†

it feeds the bullets (or on the crossbow, arrows) into the shooty zone. it is a masterpeice. the first time i tried to make a nerf gun i tried putting the spring on the inside of the gun and that made a whole bunch of problems. but now that i know how to make these things i’m going to try to do it again. we will see what happens but till then i still have outside-springers.


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