making nerf guns

i have made four nerf guns in the past. and i’m not talking modding them, but actually creating them from scratch. i don’t have any pictures but i will put some in my blog next week. anyway i have made 3 pistols and one big one. to make them you’ll need a PVC pipe and and two medium springs that are kinda loose. duct tape, a screw and nut, and some cardboard. if you want to know how to make it you should come to me. i assume most of the people reading this know me anyway, so you should know where to find me. the first one that i made (pistol one) was just an experiment at first then it became the second best of the four! and the second pistol? i have no idea what happened to it. the third one i made for a friend and he loved it. and the big gun. the best one. it has a fall down magazine inspired by a chinese crossbow as seen below 

it feeds the bullets (or on the crossbow, arrows) into the shooty zone. it is a masterpeice. the first time i tried to make a nerf gun i tried putting the spring on the inside of the gun and that made a whole bunch of problems. but now that i know how to make these things i’m going to try to do it again. we will see what happens but till then i still have outside-springers.


making maps in CS:GO

in the last few weeks i have been really getting into making maps for my favorite game: CS:GO. if you make a map that you think has a chance of getting into the game you can post it to the workshop. if the developers like it, it can be accepted into the game in the next big update. of course the map needs to work. like you have to make sure there are no bugs, like getting out of the map or glitch spots ect. i am making a map myself and it’s really hard! i had one of my friends test it and find glitches and recommend things like the spawn point for team 2 should be farther away from team 1 and things like that. there was a crate and if you jumped of it onto a tarp you could jump out of the map. so i put a player block on the tarp so now you cant jump on it. here are a few pictures of the map so far still pretty empty.  i still don’t know what i want to call it yet. it still isn’t done yet so when it is maybe it will come to me. now let’s talk about skyboxes. they are weird. if you have ever played a 3d videogame  you’ll usually see i building far away. or maybe a rocket flying by. that is a skybox. the developer make a little box just outside of the map that you are playing in with little building in them and place a “camera” in the middle of those buildings. that camera acts as the map and those buildings that are around the camera get projected around the map. here are some pictures the first picture is the in-game view and the second is what those buildings in the distance really are. that is all for this friday