my week (12093th version)

well this week was good i’ve been working on making a map in csgo (hammer world editor) and it’s going pretty well just havent added textures yet. if you have no idea what csgo is, it’s at first person shooter game and it allows you to creat your own map. here is some pictures:not  textured yet, see?

but anyway the “new” game at the park is banana split. wich is a renamed version of everybody is it. everybody is it is a game where everybody is it. (as the title says.) let’s say i tag you, you go “down” then if somebody tags me i go down and you go back up. so one person has to tag everybody. and trust me when you have everybody exept one person down and they tag you and everybody is back up it. is. SO ANNOYING! so i played that. and i won the first round. yay! winstreak is continued. (i have a 4 win streak)

anyway i’m going to stop writing now and work a editing a new video!