i dont know what to wright about

I have no idea what to wright about not another one of “my week” things hmmmmm what. should. I. wright. about! someone give me an idea please? oh wait. you cant talk. well you can but you ca- you know what i’m talking about back to the subject WHAT SHOULD I WRITE ABOUT! hmm I can show you a video I like! here:

interesting right? well that should do it I KNOW what i’m gonna wright about! that



week my

I had a good week I went to the playground a lot (note for dad: sorry I didn’t email you?) I played the kazoo and not much happened I got a game called team fortress 2 (or TF2 for short) I don’t know what happened to the first game I think it failed and never came out. but anyway my week good was

my week (was good)

this was a good week a dog just licked me! but I tried bringing up that rule (see my other blog) and no one came to he meeting 🙁 other than that I had a good week I played csgo and not much overwatch. but it was good and all I n=know this was a short blog but anyway my week was good.