yesterday year of the dog update came out in overwatch! new skins came out like these: anyways they are very cooli also made a video on opening year of the dog loot boxes. you can open loot boxes and you get items from them the types of items you can get are: common(grey) rare(blue) epic(purple) legendary(gold) and all of the above ^^^^ are legendary I did I loot box opening video on my youtube channel (cheshirecatOVW) (the video will probably be up tomorrow and if you want to see more of the above ^^^ then look up “overwatch year of the dog” here is the trailer:

writing is hard.

writing is hard because you have to think of what you are going to write.                 you also have to think of a theme of what you are going to write. and you have to spell all the words correct writing is hard when you are tired (I am now) well anyways writing is also kind of fun! but still hard.


wait do you see that?…..   I just wrote something!