star wars the last jedi:

WARNING: if you don’t want the movie spoiled then don’t read this


in a blog far far away…..

I just came back from the movie it was awesome.

so there was many fake outs like laya almost died every one thought she did but she didn’t she was exploded and then blasted into space and survived. now that’s movie magic. you may know this but han has a son (in the last movie he was introduced) and he killed snoke (the dark leader) and this movie was cool because we saw snokes full body in this movie in the other ones he was just a hologram and he was smaller then everyone thought he wore a yellow robe he was cool. BB-8 was in this movie I love BB-8 he is my favorite character. luke is back he was probably the funniest character in the movie if the saw the last movie (rogue one) it ends with rey handing luke a lightsaber in this one it starts at that and luke takes the lightsaber looks at it and throws it away that was pretty funny but it also showsthat luke no longer cares about his past he is looking towards the future…       oh by the way go down








also they set it up for another movie…





and luke dies





that’s it
















why are you still going down









there is no more for real







may the force be with you

my week

this week was good I went to the park a lot somone brought two bins of lego to school today and everyone has some lego creation in there hand I did german this week I always say to myself ugh german class again and then I do it and I love it at the end!