my week

i had a good week i worked on the go-kart i played minecraft i played overwatch (my second favorite game) and i played it with timo too (he beat me at anything i tried) here is a picture of overwatch:

that is (almost) every character in the game so back to my week i made sno-cones with my sno mechine we had to go to the deli and get ice and fruit to blend in the mechine

first blog of the year!

i did a lot. i play on agile badger (with Hannah.) i met the new kids. and Luca got hit in the face with a falling board (he had to get is nose glued.)we got it on his phone and i was yelling: GET A DOCTOR and he thought it was funny. and if you listen to Iphy he did not die. Damian found 4 dead birds and they were pigeons so they were big. and i found them in the bathroom peeling the skin of them (GROSS!) i had nothing to do with this!!! now they are in our library (in the school poor pigeons!)