the enderman

the enderman is a monster from minecraft it can teleport anywhere it wants it picks up blocks and takes them away most people think that they need more blocks in there world (they have a place called the “end” thats where the ender dragon lives) and they are black here:

minecarft they will attack you if you look at there eyes! oh here is a song that i like!

my week

i did minecraft i did agilebadger but only like two people went on (well three but one guy was AFK away from keyboard) i also read a book i played GD geometry dash i did a collaboration level on GD with luca it’s a hard level thats all i did today bye

the agile badger

agile badger is the school minecraft server it’s my favorite srever it’s fun because all the people in all the agile schools can go to it! and i’m moderator of it so if people are fighting i have to stop them but i also help the admin (ryan timo jack) so we found a jungle that’s VERY far away like 10000 blocks away! and so it’s fun to see everybody on one server and by the way i’m making my own server! $5.95 for one month and that’s $60 one year! and scary Nightmare Bonnie's first jumpscare (click to animate).