FnaF (Five Nights At Freddy’s]

FnaF is a game where you have to survive five nights at one of those kid birthday places like chucky cheese’s and the animatronics [animal machines] and your the security guard and you have to keep the animatronics away from you if your there at day the animatronics are all happy and nice but at night they want to kill you! my favorite is old bonnie he’s a bunnie but they replaced him and threw theĀ  old one into the parts and service room eventually he got rely old and broken even him and foxy [a another animatronic] got into a fight and his FACE came off!! and so he’s a broken bunnie with a ripped-off face and glowing red eyesOld Bonnie F-NaF 2...toy bonnieBonnie Voice FNaF - YouTubeNightmare Bonnie 2.0 Snapshot 3 HD - HeroGollum by HeroGollum on ...Phantom Bonnie Jumpscare:.. by lllRafaelyay on DeviantArthttps://images.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=http%3A%2F%2Forig11.deviantart.net%2F63ce%2Ff%2F2015%2F114%2Fb%2Fa%2Ftoybonnie_by_fazbearfactory1987-d8qvrg0.gif&f=1FNAF 2 Jumpscare Gif by Ninjago-Fan on DeviantArt

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