the golden apple!

in minecraft there is a item called a golden apple these apples are not very hard to get you need nine gold bars (in minecraft gold isn’t hard to get) and a apple! the golden apple has gone through many changes first you needed nine blocks of gold! (ok THATS hard to get) and a apple then it needed gold nuggets and a apple and then you needed both gold and gold nuggets! and now today you need just gold ingots so thats the history of the golden apple!

what i did this week!

Well i played some Minecraft And i played geometry dash (Not real geometry) and on minecraft i played a very little badger (a minecraft server) and very little mineplex (another server) and i ate my lunch and i had a lot of fun! and last week a got a cool thing called a morph it turns you in to a animal or monster i have two: a cow (wen i’m a cow i can moo!) i can turn in two a enderman (a monseter that can teleport!) now i’m gonna give someone else the computer to blog!

my cats!

i have two cats: mars and marlin marlin is sorta grumpy sometimes usually wen he’s hungry but all cats are like that wen we got mars we still didn’t know what to name her and dad was telling me a joke and it was about planets and that’s wen i said that’s it! mars is her name! i don’t know marlin’s story because i didn’t buy him my step mom amanda did