agile badger

my favorite minecraft server of all and i have a LOT of servers and i have a secret room sadly someone broke in to it disarmed my traps and took the stuff i had :[ i didn’t have much though they did steal my iron and gold but that’s ok iron and gold  is easy to find… well in minecraft i have LOADS of iron and gold and if you make gold tools/armor  it’s not very durable it will brake in like three seconds it looks cool shiny and yellow on the other hand iron armor  looks gray and boring but strong and durable well now i want to go and play BYE!!!


i bike to school with my dad well he bikes me i sit on the back of the bike its cold VERY COLD so some times we take the subway  usually the q to the 6 trains we live in fort green i don’t know what to right about now the end

I play Mineplex!

Mineplex is a server on minecraft it has fun games and you can ware funny close like the rave shirt it is a rainbow shirt and there are is the space helmet which is a block of glass on your head my favorite game is SUPER SMASH MOBS (mobs stands for monsters) there are not only monsters but there’s animals to! There is a cow and a chicken and sheep (which is the strongest mobe/animal) there is a SQUID which is pretty powerful ??????????