i got a hat and it is a pokemon called lucario he is the aura pokemon and he has two moives about him and i NEVER! take of the hat :] its like it glue in is in it if you had it on you you wouldn’t take it of and merry christmas! ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;] ;];] ;] ;] ;] :] ;] (did you fined the non winking face?)

the nether

so me and Ryan went to the nether and we went to get blaze rods and we wer seksesful but wen we came out of the portle we wer in the middle of noware we got lost and we found two dogs and two donkeys Ryan’s died but I still have mine my dog is name is magic Ryan’s dog is doge and we take them to fight with us

new minecraft update!

finally a new minecraft update! it has shields and new arrows like the poison arrow and healing arrow and you can hold to swords at the same time! and there is lingering potions when you throw them they leave particle effects where you threw it and there is ender dragon heads and a new block i forgot what it was called but it was pink and it looked like bubblegum ;]