My Minecraft world

I was going on a Minecraft world with my friends and then there was big holes in the ground it was weird and kinda cool there was a villagers house on a piller of cobblestone it was really cool I got my friends and they thought it was cool to ? and dad say hi to the cats ???? and have a happy Halloween


I love my pikachu and lucario lucario is my Halloween
Costume ??????????????? pikachu
Is a electric type Pokemon it’s about one and a half
Feet tall my pikachu is named sparky
And he doesn’t like when you call him
Pikachu he likes his name did
You know that when pikachus are happy
Electric comes out of there cheeks
Have a good day


i’m going to be a pokemon named lucareo and DAD WE STILL HAVE TO MAKE MY COSTUME never mind that now what are you going to be? for HALL?WEEN have a HAPPY HALL?WEEN??????????????????????????????????????? and have a lot of CANDY!;-)